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STI Clinics Silchar

Our Sexual Health Test Clinic in Silchar

Better2Know are a leading global provider of trusted sexual health testing services. We provide a premium range of STI tests to India and the state of Assam. If you are in Silchar and require a sexual health testing service that is fast, discreet and completely confidential the Better2Know service may be just right for you.

Testing with Better2Know is easy. All you do is make an online booking and come along to our Silchar clinic at a time to suit you. Testing is available seven days a week to fit with your schedule. At your appointment our health practitioner will take a sample from you that will be tested at our laboratory for your suspected STIs. The type of sample that our patients are usually asked to provide will typically be a small amount of blood, urine or a swab; this will vary upon the type of STI test that you have chosen.

Your STI results will be returned from our laboratory soon after analysis and you can access them securely online. If you learn that you have an infection, do not worry; Better2Know can provide you with a referral to the best medical care for treating you.

Our clinics in and around Silchar:

STI and HIV Testing in Silchar

If you have unprotected sex, your health is placed at risk. The consequences of an undiagnosed STI on your health are far reaching and you may affect your long term health and your ability to have children.

For your complete peace of mind our Platinum Screen can test for 12 of the most commonly contracted STIs and other infections. This excellent screening option will only require you to have one appointment with us, after which our dedicated laboratory team will take care of the rest. The Platinum Screen has excellent scope for detecting infections including Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C, Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma, Rubella, Chlamydia, Herpes and Syphilis.

Gonorrhoea is an infection that can be transmitted through vaginal, penile, oral, or anal sexual contact or intercourse. If you have a Gonorrhoea infection you are at an increased risk of also contracting other STIs. Most often people who have Gonorrhoea do not notice any symptoms, but this does not mean that they have not already been infected. The only way for you to be sure about whether or not you have an STI is to have a sexual health test.

If your test shows that you have caught a sexual infection, Better2Know's medical team can help. Gonorrhoea, for example, can be completely cured with the right treatment which our medical team can help you to obtain.

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