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STI Clinics Nagpur

Our Sexual Health Test Centres in Nagpur

Our STI Testing Medical Centres in Nagpur

If you are you are worried about your sexual health, your concerns can be put to rest quickly by attending a test at a Better2Know health centre in India. When you visit the Better2Know state of the art medical facility in Nagpur, our dedicated health practitioners will help you restore your peace of mind. Our high quality of service ensures that your test will be fast, accurate, discreet and completely confidential. If your test does show a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) we urge you not to worry; Better2Know will make sure you receive a suitable referral where you can get the very best medical treatment available for you.

Our clinics in and around Nagpur:

STI and HIV Testing in Nagpur

By choosing Better2Know you will benefit from having access to a variety of sexual health tests. Each of our unique testing services can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Choose from our range of single STI tests or combine them in multiple ways to suit you, testing for any specific set of infections that you would like. If you are concerned about HPV and Gonorrhoea, for example, you can choose to combine single tests to check for both of these.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a common viral infection that causes most cervical cancers in women as well as other cancers in both men and women. Having the HPV virus also significantly increases your risks of contracting another Sexually Transmitted Infection. An early diagnosis could significantly reduce the likelihood of complications with your health developing. Should you find you have an infection, you can be advised or treated quickly and easily with Better2Know.

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