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STI Clinics Pune

Our Sexual Health Test Centres in Pune

Our STI Testing Medical Centres in Pune

Better2Know's expanding range of confidential sexual health services is available throughout India, including Maharashtra. Our testing centre in Pune offers screens that are comprehensive, giving you the opportunity to learn if you have been infected with some of the most commonly contracted sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The Better2Know testing service is renowned for treating you quickly, discretely and in absolute confidence, and our Pune centre is open seven days a week. You can be reassured that at no point of our service will you be obliged to provide us with your real details.

Testing your sexual health with Better2Know is easy. Our knowledgeable health practitioners understand what you are going through. When you arrive at our health centre, all you will need to do is help them collect your sample. This sample will be tested at our central laboratory for your choice of STIs. You can leave as soon as your STI test appointment with our practitioner has concluded. A friendly member of our sexual health reporting team will be in touch with you shortly after your sample has been analysed. If your pathology report reveals anything of concern, we can also discuss any further steps that you might need to take. We will even be able to provide you with a referral to one of our leading partners, who will be able to offer you care for treating any infections that you might have.

Our clinics in and around Pune:

STI and HIV Testing in Pune

With a high prevalence of HIV in India, the frequently requested Better2Know Early Detection Screen lets you know whether or not you have contracted HIV, as well as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, with high accuracy from as early as 10 days since sexual contact.

The Better2Know Platinum Screen is a premium test that can help patients to detect 12 different STIs, requiring just one appointment. Its great scope for detection enables it to identify both STIs and some non-sexually transmitted infections. The screen includes a Urine Culture that can aid a further diagnosis of your general health.

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To book a confidential appointment with Better2Know India, click the 'Book Now' button and choose your test. Once you have arranged an appointment at a time to suit you, you will be sent a unique voucher by email to print and take with you.