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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can cause a range of physical symptoms such as discharge or soreness but some are asymptomatic meaning that they may display no symptoms at all until they have begun to cause complications with your health. If you suspect you may have an infection caught through sexual contact with a partner, it is important that you get tested quickly so that treatment can begin to avoid further complications. When you book to have a sexual health appointment at one of Better2Know's health centres in India you will gain access to a variety of comprehensive STI testing services. If you have had a sexual experience which has left you feeling concerned over the status of your sexual health we have a dedicated team of health practitioners in Patiala that can help. Our excellent service enables you to get tested with speed, discretion and absolute confidentiality. At no point in our service will you be asked to provide your real details; we will only need a name and a date of birth memorable to you.

Testing with Better2Know is very easy and can quickly put your mind at rest. Staff at our Patiala testing centre will treat you with warmth and respect and your test will be carried out efficiently. Our medical practitioner will take a small sample from you of urine, blood or possibly a swab depending which infection you wish to be tested for.

You will receive notification as soon as your test results become available at our laboratory. If any infection is found in your sample, Better2Know can provide a referral for advice and treatment if needed.

Our clinics in and around Patiala:

STI and HIV Testing in Patiala

Choosing to have your sexual health test with Better2Know will allow you to benefit from highly flexible testing options. You are free to choose from our range of STI screens or to create your own unique sexual health screens from our individual tests. You can also choose to have a single STI test that will just look for one sexual infection. This will be particularly useful if you feel you already know what your sexual infection could be. When you have a single STI test, our laboratory team will search exclusively for the sexual infection that you think you may have.

A popular sexual health screen offered by Better2Know is the Platinum Screen. This is an excellent sexual health screen that can detect some of the most common STIs as well as other infections. The Better2Know Platinum Screen will also only require you to have just one appointment with us at a time to suit your busy schedule. The Platinum Screen can help you discover whether you have HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Hepatitis A, B and C, Syphilis, Toxoplasma, Rubella or Cytomegalovirus.

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For complete peace of mind you can book a Platinum Screen or any other Better2Know sexual health tests by clicking the 'Book Now' button. Once booked, you will receive an email voucher for single use to take to your clinic of choice at the time of your appointment.