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STI Clinics Jamshedpur

Our STI Testing Clinic in Jamshedpur

Better2Know’s globally trusted sexual health testing services are now available in Jamshedpur to ease your sexual health concerns quickly and confidentially. If you are worried about your sexual health and would like to test for any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Better2Know can help you.

In Jamshedpur, STI testing with Better2Know is simple and easy. During your private appointment at our partner clinic, a small sample of blood, urine or swabs will be taken and sent to our expert laboratory team for fast and thorough analysis. Better2Know will communicate your results by phone or email, as you prefer. We will also provide you with login details for your secure online Patient Area where you will find your results as soon as they are ready.

Our clinics in and around Jamshedpur:

STI and HIV Testing in Jamshedpur

Better2Know’s clinic in Jamshedpur offers a wide range of STI tests and screens. It is important that you choose the right combination of tests for you. Our most comprehensive screen, the Platinum Screen, tests for up to 12 STIs including HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Alternatively, you may wish to book an appointment for our Full Screen, testing for six different STIs. Both the Platinum Screen and the Full Screen include a Urine Culture test which can also determine whether you have any other bacterial infections.

Although most STIs often show no symptoms, some may cause blemishes in the genital area. If you have any lumps, warts, blisters or rashes, our Blemish Screen may be suitable for you, testing for Syphilis, Herpes 1 and 2, and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Our flexible offerings allow you to add tests for any other individual STIs you are worried about, such as HIV, Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea.

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Our advisory team are happy to discuss any concerns you may have and arrange an appointment in Jamshedpur for a date and time that suits you. Alternatively, you can click the orange button at the top of the page to conveniently book an appointment online. You will receive a unique voucher via email to print and take with you to your appointment.