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STI Clinics Bilaspur

Our STI Testing Clinic in Bilaspur

At our sexual health clinic in Bilaspur, Better2Know provides flexible testing options for HIV and many other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting an STI. You may be entering a new relationship or maybe you are just looking for peace of mind. Better2Know’s globally trusted sexual health service is here to help you.

HIV and STI testing with Better2Know is easy. At your appointment, our trained nurses will collect samples of blood, urine or a swab to send to our accredited laboratory for testing. All our laboratories perform fast and accurate analysis. Once your results are ready, we will contact you by phone or email. You can also view your results online in your secure Patient Area.

Our clinics in and around Bilaspur:

STI and HIV Testing in Bilaspur

Better2Know offers you a full range of STI and HIV testing options in Bilaspur. Our comprehensive screens are ideal for providing the best possible picture of your overall sexual health. In addition to testing for many STIs, our Platinum Screen and Full Screen both include a Urine Culture. This can determine the presence of any other non-sexually transmitted bacterial infections.

Alternatively, you may wish to test for individual STIs only. With Better2Know, you can choose to test for the particular STIs that are worrying you. This may include HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes or a combination of these, plus any other STI that we test for.

Even if you are not displaying any symptoms, it is possible that you may have an STI. Research suggests that around 80% of women and 50% of men exhibit no symptoms for Chlamydia in the early stages of infection. When an STI is present in the body, it can lead to damaging health consequences.

Do not worry if you test positive for an STI. We are here to help you. Most STIs are curable or can be treated with medication to relieve the symptoms. Better2Know will provide you a prescription and referral to a specialist if needed.

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Our sexual health testing clinic in Bilaspur would like to help you get tested for STIs. To book your sexual health appointment with us in Bilaspur, click ‘Book Now’ or phone our 24/7 booking team. If you are at all unsure about which STI test is best for you, please contact us for more information and advice.