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Our STI Testing Clinic in Bhilai

Better2Know provides private Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV testing services at our sexual health clinic near you in Bhilai. We offer you convenient, confidential appointments today. At Better2Know, we understand the importance of knowing your current sexual health status. Our extensive range of STI tests and screens aim to put your mind at ease.

STI and HIV testing with Better2Know is simple. At your confidential appointment, samples of your blood, urine or a swab will be collected. The type of samples our clinician collects will depend on the STIs you are testing for. On that day, your samples will be sent to our fully certified laboratory for fast and accurate analysis. As soon as your results are ready, we will notify you by phone or email, as you prefer. You will also be able to view your results in your secure online Patient Area whenever you choose.

Our clinics in and around Bhilai:

STI and HIV Testing in Bhilai

India has the third largest HIV epidemic in the world. Recent figures indicate that more than 2 million people in India are living with HIV. 86% of new infections were contracted through sexual transmission. If you think you may have been at risk of catching HIV or any other STI, Better2Know can arrange a test for you in Bhilai.

Many of Better2Know’s screens include tests for HIV amongst other STIs. Our Early Detection test can identify HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C from a blood sample just 10 days after your last sexual encounter. You may choose to test for a wider range of STIs with Better2Know’s Platinum Screen which tests for 12 different STIs and other common infections. Our Platinum Screen is an excellent choice to provide an overall picture of your sexual health.

If there are particular infections that are worrying you, you can choose to test for these specifically. Better2Know’s flexible STI testing options allow you to combine any singular tests to create a unique set of tests for you. It is important to decide carefully which STI screen or tests are right for you.

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Our sexual health clinic in Bhilai is open seven days a week. All our testing is confidential, so no one will know you have been for an STI or HIV test. You can book a convenient appointment in Bhilai online by clicking ‘Book Now’. Alternatively, you can phone our friendly advisory team to arrange an appointment or for any STI-related advice.