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STI Clinics Aligarh

Our Sexual Health Test Centres in Aligarh

Better2Know is a leading global provider of trusted sexual health testing services. We are delighted to extend our premium range of STI tests to Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh and offer a service that is fast, discreet and completely confidential.

Testing for a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) will not only provide you with peace of mind about your sexual health but early diagnosis can also reduce the likelihood of more serious health complications in the future. Our excellent testing service in India will ensure that, if any infection is found following your test, our dedicated health team can provide you with treatment or a referral to the very best medical treatment available for your STI.

Testing is easy with Better2Know. Our health professional will need to collect one or more small samples from you to be tested for the presence infection; depending on the type of test this may include a small amount of blood or urine, or a swab. Following your test, Better2Know will contact you to let you know your results are ready to view.

Our clinics in and around Aligarh:

STI and HIV Testing in Aligarh

In 2013 HIV prevalence from within India was estimated to be at 2.1 Million. In the same year an estimated 130 000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses. Whilst there is currently no cure for HIV or AIDS, the condition no longer poses a life threatening risk when it is detected early. Indeed, it is often the case that people with HIV who begin their treatment early remain healthy and enjoy a normal life expectancy.

If your result is positive for any STIs, our knowledgeable team can provide you with advice and treatment or, depending on your needs, a referral to one of our leading medical partners who can offer you the very best standard of treatment and care.

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To book a confidential appointment for a Better2Know sexual health test, click the 'Book Now' button and follow the instructions. Once you have completed your booking you will be sent an email with a single use printable voucher to take to your chosen test location. Your results will be available online at our secure site and you will be notified by SMS or email when they are ready for you.