HIV in India

Here are the most recent statistics about HIV in India:

  • The first case of HIV in India was identified in 1986
  • Since the first India case HIV has been found in all states
  • The South and North-East of India have the highest number of new cases of HIV
  • Manipur has the highest prevalence of HIV
  • Around 3 in every 1000 people know that they have HIV in India
  • The undiagnosed population is expected to be higher
  • Injecting drug users and female sex workers have the highest prevalence in India
  • It is thought 2.39 million people are living with HIV in India

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How a Better2Know test can make a difference

The earlier that HIV is diagnosed the less chance there is that you will pass the virus to others. This shows the importance of having a test regularly. At Better2Know we believe in the normalisation of HIV and STI testing in the hope of removing any associated stigmas.

Better2Know supports a number of National and International HIV and AIDS charities to help the fight against HIV and to help medical advances.